If you are marching in the parade, you should plan to arrive near the corner of Radcliffe and St. Philip Streets between 9 and 9:30.  If you can see your organization lining up, just go join them.  If you’re not sure where your organization lines up, find a parade official (they’ll be running around with sheafs of paper listing the parade order).

St. Patrick’s Church, at the corner of St. Philip and Radcliffe Streets

If you are driving a car in the parade, proceed down Rutledge Street (away from the Crosstown, in the direction of Calhoun) towards Radcliffe Street, where you’ll be directed where to go.

It will take much longer than normal to get to the corner of Radcliffe and Rutledge.  Allow plenty of time to reach your place in the parade order.

Portable bathrooms are available near the corner of Radcliffe and St. Philip.